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SU-76 Guide

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SU-76 Guide Empty SU-76 Guide

Post  Ding760 on Sat Sep 28, 2013 3:40 am

SU-76 Guide 272px-SU-76_front_left


You know, when i picked up this TD, i had no idea what to expect. The AT-2 was pretty much not a TD for me, so i though, i give the SU-76 a go, just if it would fit me. And Oh my god i was supriced when i fully upgraded the SU. It is Fast, Agile and have a pretty low profile. You can pick almost any bush you want and use it effective. Playning this TD requires just a little bit of strategy. Just like the design (of the tank), the gameplay is simple. You can act as a Sniper or a Flanker. While it sounds suicidal being a flanker in a TD, this one is one of the exeptions, since it turns speed is 42 deg/sec. It’s the FASTEST turning speed of all the TD’s.

Now, speed and maneuvrobility makes only proper suicide scouts, so what about the most important aspect of the Tank Destroyer, the Gun? There is kind off 2 choices, the historical 76mm ZiS-3 gun, wich packs a punch with a dissent alpfa, but have only 100mm penetration, Bad accuracy, Aim time and have an average reload speed, or the less historical 57mm ZiS-2, wich while lacking in Alpfa, it is superiour in any other way that the 76mm ZiS-2. To be Honest on this one, ignore the 76mm guns intirely. The 57mm does the job very very good. It’s combination of good Rate of Fire, Accuracy, Aim time and Penetration, allows you to figgt even in Tier 6 and 7 battles, since you can snipe the weakspots. Heck, i was able to take down a Panther 1 by shooting the LFP (in a training room naturally), where 10/15 shots hit the target, and only 2 bounces. If i could do that to a Tier 7 Medium/Heavy hybrid tank, you can do it with no problem against Tier 3 to 5 enemies.

What about is it this type of TD that uses Camo or Armor? It is dependant on Camo. You have only 25mm sloped armor. That is enough to bounce most Auto cannons, but other than that, no, you will have more holes that a swiss chease.
But then the question, how good is the camo? Well, with a crew less than 100%, you going to have few problems. Here is 2 test i done with and without a Bush (the tank we used for test was a SU-76 and Panther 1)
The number in boxes represent the disstance the SU was lit up

SU-76 Guide Vzdjqv

So newbies out there, get your self a camo net if you want to play with TD’s
One of the last i am going to add is that the View range is pretty bad untill you don’t get a 100% crew. With 78% crew, i did not spot the panther at 298m, so, if you enjoyed that TD very much, get your self 100% crew and have fun, since you have heck of a good potential view range.
And the very last, but not least thing i want to add, is how critable your tank is. Clever people would load HE and cya in hanger then. If they not load HE, then expect to lose Engine and Gun. They crit all day long. Driver get killed often as well.

Compared to other TD’s

SU-76 vs Marauder 2
While my and the driver of Marauder 2 was thinking that SU-76 would lose, it proved other wise. The top gun of the Marauder 2 lacks the last few half a second to be able to beat the SU-76. You will win 4 out of 5 fights agains the Marauder (keep in mind, bouth crews was under 100%), but only if you was able to fire at same time or very qucly after you got hit (yes, i was able to take down marauder, even tho i let him fire first). So, as long as you have good reflecses, the Marauder in the sight, you should be fine taking him down.
But a quick note, avoid fighting against this thing in urban areas. He have much better gun arc than you

SU-76 vs UE 57
Yep, in my test, the UE driver failed to win against me so far. Even when the RNG was a bitch, i was still able to take that little bugger down. So unless it is a duel about who have better Teammates to spot the Hidden TD, then you going to win just about every battle against that little thing. You might even get away with quite a lot of Durability

SU-76 vs T82/Valentine TD
Why did i do it this way? Simple, they bouth use Derps as their top gun. Not in a Million years you going to win the fight against their derp, unless you was able to fire the first shot off, reload, aim and fire again (and get a proper damage roll), they will ust oneshot you, while you need 2 shots against them. Quick note, In general HE will penetrate you

Equipment, Perks/skills and Ammo
So, while you might not have the 100% crew, if you really loved this tank, then here is my suggestion for the buffs to the TD

Commander: Six Sence, Camo, Recon

Gunner: Camo, Repairs, Armourer or Dead eye

Driver: Camo and then Eather Off-road driving, Smooth Ride or Clutch braking. It’s up to you

Loader: Camo, Siturational awareness (to buff the view range even more), Repairs

A Note to perks: As you can see i tryed to avoid the repairs as much as possible, since it’s actually useless for the tank. The second some one targets you, you will be as good as dead.

Camo net, That is a MUST. If you don’t have the camo net, then you don’t have the TD

Enhanced Gun laying Drive, if you want to buff the Accuracy. But it might be uselss, since your aimtime is actually very good with the 57mm

Binos, buff that view range even more.

With the 57mm, i don’t need anything else than AP. It does the job well on all battle tiers. You might want to carry 2-3 HE just to decap your flag, but really, don’t waste anything on gold ammo

Final words
You might noticed by now, that my build is all about spotting at a huge distance and pick the targets off. I hate getting oneshotted in this thing, and the sight no really that rare in randoms. So for me, good view range = i live longer and stronger

Also, avoid getting hit at all cost. Every time you get hit, you gamble when ever you will be oneshotted, critted or just torn apart. You have no armor. Just think you play old school FPS with no healt pick ups. That the game play.

SU-76 Guide 93566700_1363874048_WotTankViewer_x86_2013-03-21_17-29-26-33

Originally written by TheDOD

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