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Post  Vallu01 on Fri May 03, 2013 11:10 pm

The mission of the Specialist Global Tank Academy (SGTA) is teaching to WoT players basic, intermediate and advanced tactics and techniques, thus contributing to the improvement of the playerbase and game experience overall.

Therefore SGTA is not like any other Clan one might find in the game. Although it provides a good environment for players to platoon, socialize, participate in Tank company battles, this is not the main goal of our organization.

The goal is to find experienced and motivated players who are willing to share their knowledge with others, and organize them into systematically teaching less experienced players in all aspects of the game. The former are the instructors and the latter are the students of our Academy.

The instructors are carefully selected by the senior staff of the Academy and fulfill very strict criteria, however this is not sufficient. Crucial to our endeavor is the motivation and commitment of the students who must be willing and actively seeking to learn.

There are many sources of information that could help one to improve one's gameplay and knowledge of the game (WoT wiki, Youtube channels and Videos, Streaming, Official and unofficial Forums, Written guides, WG official guides and tutorials etc.), but SGTA is the only one that can provide consistent and continuous hands-on training.

As a recap, our mission is to take average and below average players and turn them into competent players that contribute positively to their team’s success. We are committed into providing them all the necessary tools and supplies for that purpose, but there is one thing we cannot provide: their motivation, commitment and willingness to learn.


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