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Guide for VK 4502 ausf A and B needed

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Guide for VK 4502 ausf A and B needed

Post  bouli_ab on Wed Aug 07, 2013 7:21 pm

Can somebody tell me how to play these tanks. What modules and what skills/perks for crew?

Any help will be appreciated.

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Re: Guide for VK 4502 ausf A and B needed

Post  Vampir_Kifla on Wed Aug 07, 2013 8:44 pm

VK4502 Ausf. A is a heavy/medium hybrid. I've found out that it's best played as second line support or with mediums. It's heavy enough to ram them and can bounce few shells. Although don't count on the armor too much. Flanking is always a good tactic since your pen is only 200mm. It's enough to go through most tanks if you know their weakspots.

Modules on VK4502A: Rammer, Vert. Stab., Vents. I ran this combination and it was really good. For skills I'd recommend repairs on all, then switch repairs for sixth sense on commander and go with perks as second skills (snap shot, clutch braking, safe stowage etc.)

VK4502 Ausf. B is kinda very Maus-like. Slow, but good armor. It should be played with caution since arty can rape you and also don't peek-a-boo around the corners because the turret is on the back and you gotta expose your whole hull to be able to shoot them. Sidescrape wherever possible (is kinda hard since your average tomato windowlicker tends to block you and then types in chat "stupid vk what are u doing?!?"). You are good in taking shots and shielding your teammates if necessary. Beware of your lower plate, MG port and commanders cupola weakspots. Also, the VK isn't the best dmg dealer. It's got good dmg, but sloooow reload.

Modules on VK4502B: Rammer, GLD, Vents (maybe spall liner, but there isn't as much arty as before). For skills same as on VK4502A. I had mine with repairs first, commander sixth sense, then BIA as second and perks as third.


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