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T-44 Patrol Duty

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T-44 Patrol Duty Empty T-44 Patrol Duty

Post  Wen90 on Sat Nov 23, 2013 4:45 am

After 5 battles as bottom or mid tier, in which my T-44 is nothing but a larger light tank, I get put into a Tier 8 game on Murovanka, where all the heavy tanks decided to go camp in the forest and die uselessly. So for once, I get to act like a heavy tank and actually push the corner where they are supposed to be.

T-44 Patrol Duty 4UmQVKD

T-44 Patrol Duty OcC59td

T-44 Patrol Duty Xac5Kwd

Also, today is apparently retard day on the NA server. Even more than usual.

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